Password Config extension for Vtiger CRM

Protect your CRM system against possible attacks and keep your data safe

Configure password policies in a few seconds to make passwords stronger and add option to change them frequently

Password Config features

  • Configure global password conditions for all users
  • Minimum password length
  • Uppercase letters
  • Contain numbers
  • Contain special characters
  • Password expire time (in days)
  • Special characters include: ! “#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~
  • Easy for usage
  • Vtiger 6.x & 7.x compatible

Installation & Usage

Installation is simply and standard via Module manager.

  1. Please download .zip file from our e-shop
  2. Open Module manager
  3. Import and install .zip file
  5. License window will appear, insert license key you received to your e-mail
  6. Installation is done and you should be able to see Password Config settings window

 You can see the whole process in the “Video tab”

CRM Administrator can configure following setting:

  • Minimum password length – set the least number of characters a password must have
  • Uppercase letters – enable if the password must contain uppercase letters
  • Contain numbers – enable if the password must contain numbers
  • Contain special characters – enable if the password must contain special characters
  • Password expire time (in days) – set for how long password will be valid before it expires
  • If you finish the installation of our module Password Config, you are able to access the settings as Admin and set the password policies for all users in your CRM system
  • Every user needs to set password based on policies
  • Already existing users can change password via My Preferences Settings -> More -> Change Password
  • If admin decides to add new user, the password policies are applied and password based on them need to be set for new user
     You can see the whole process in the “Video tab”


1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year

1st Year : 49 €
2nd Year : 39 €
3rd Year : 29 €
More: 29 €

Price of Password Config

With membership/subscription you will have access to the latest versions of extension for Vtiger version 6.x & 7.x  ( and higher). After subscription your extension will continue working without problems, but you won’t get support or updates. Duration of the subscription is 1 Year.
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