Brute Force extension for Vtiger CRM

Lock users of CRM system after “x” incorrect logins to prevent unauthorized logins

Block users for duration time “xx” and allow a certain number of login attempts. Block the IP address by the number of blocked users

Brute Force features

  • Block user after number of login attempts
  • Time lock user for “xx” duration of time
  • Block the IP address by the number of blocked users
  • Time lock IP (minutes)
  • List of blocked IP
  • Easy Activation/Deactivation
  • Vtiger login screen alert if blocked
  • Easy for usage
  • Vtiger 6.x & 7.x compatible

Installation & Usage

Installation is standard via Module manager + You need to do few additional steps:

  1. Please download .zip file from our e-shop
  2. Open Module manager
  3. Import and install .zip file
  4. Next, go to CRM Settings -> ITS4YOUSECURITY -> BRUTE FORCE
  5. License window will appear, insert license key you received to your e-mail
  6. Installation is done and you should be able to see Brute Force settings window

 Additional steps are needed so the alerts that you can’t log in on welcome screen can be shown to users:

  1. Open the .zip file you downloaded and look for folder “custom_login_file”, open the folder and inside is file “Login.tpl”, you need to copy this file to your Vtiger directory, so lets do it
  2. Open your Vtiger folder and go to:
    Vtiger 7.x: layouts/v7/modules/Users/
    Vtiger 6.x: layouts/vlayout/modules/Users/
  3. Look for file Login.tpl and rename it to Login.Default.tpl, then copy the file Login.tpl from our folder  “custom_login_file” here (to folder /Users/)
  4. By these steps the alerts will show on login screen, for example: You’ve been blocked. Please login later!
  5. You can also uninstall Brute Force and then just remove our Login.tpl from our folder, and rename Login.Default.tpl back to Login.tpl

 You can see the whole process in the “Video tab”

CRM Administrator can configure following setting:

  • Active – activate or deactivate Brute Force function
    User Name
  • Block user after number of login attempts – define, after how many login attempts user will be blocked
  • Time lock (minutes) – for how long user will be blocked in minutes
    IP address
  • Block the IP address by the number of blocked users – define, after how many locked users, IP address will be blocked
  • Time lock (minutes) – for how long will be IP blocked in minutes
  • Blocked IP – list of blocked IP addresses

If you finish the installation of our module Brute Force, you are able to access the settings as Admin and set the login policies for all users in your CRM system

  • In the Settings you have 2 tabs: Settings & Blocked IP
  • Blocked IP is just list of IP addresses which were blocked already, there is no option for editing its just informational tab
  • Settings tab is main tab for Admin where you can setup login policies
  • Start with Edit button on the right, you don’t need to have a User Name and IP address features active in the same time, its all up to you if you want to block just users or block IP address also
  • In Edit window first make sure to check Active status, next set how many attempts can be made by user until he will be blocked, also set a Time lock in minutes
    Example: Block user after the number of login attempts set to 3 and Time lock set to 15, the result is if the user will use wrong password 3 times he will be blocked and can’t log in for 15 minutes
  • Next, you can use also IP address block feature, you can block IP based on how many users tried logging in to your CRM with incorrect credentials and for how long IP block will last
    Example: Block the IP address by the number of blocked users set to 3 and Time lock set to 60, the result is if 3 users will be blocked, the IP is blocked too for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes hold is removed and you and users can log back in
     You can see the whole process in the “Video tab”


1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year

1st Year : 49 €
2nd Year : 39 €
3rd Year : 29 €
More: 29 €

Price of Brute Force

With membership/subscription you will have access to the latest versions of extension for Vtiger version 6.x & 7.x  ( and higher). After subscription your extension will continue working without problems, but you won’t get support or updates. Duration of the subscription is 1 Year.
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