Custom Key Metrics Block in Dashboard

This tool allows you to create unlimeted key metric blocks in CRM Dashboard.

Key Metrics 4 You allows you to create unlimited key metric blocks in CRM Dashboard. The content of key metrics is defined by your custom list views

Key Metrics Features

  • Unlimited widgets
  • Move rows inside block
  • Module Manager Compatible
  • Compatible with all standard and custom Modules

Get an overview of your business
with Key Metrics

How to use Language Editor


Installation is simply and standard via Module manager.

  • After payment please download .zip file from our eshop
  • Open Module manager
  • Import and install .zip file
  • That’s all

How to create new Key Metrics widget

  • In ListView of Key Metrics please click on Add Widget”
  • Fill information
    • Widget name
    • Description
  • Save it
  • From ListView open your Widget
  • Add Row by Add Key Metrics Row button
  • Fill name and choose filter to calculate

How to add Widget on Dashboard

  • Open your Dashboard
  • Click on Add Widget button and find your Name of your Widget
  • Your Widget has been added on Dashboard

Extended version of Key Metrics

included in Reports 4 You allows, after creating Tabular Report, use also these Metrics ( SUM, AVG, Min, Max ) on Dashboard(s).

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Custom Key Metrics Block in Dashboard - IT-Solutions4You